درباره اتحادیه
The agricultural cooperatives union of cotton and oilseeds is a nationwide organization that its constituent members are legal and specialized cooperatives that grow cotton in cotton-growing areas of the country. This union was founded in 2001, with the goal of activation and economization of the cooperatives (the union members) and facilitating collaboration and solidarity with other agricultural cooperatives in Iran and other countries. The main responsibilities of this union are:  
  • founding industrial units and production units, including vegetable oil production, cotton ginning mills, and by-product producer units in the county,
  • creating mechanization units (i.e., units for planting, farm managing, harvesting) and providing services with reasonable prices,
  • holding meetings for the union members to enable exchanging of views and ideas, to improve production in terms of both quality and quantity,
  • using the latest research findings and holding educational and promotional courses for the producers of cotton and oil seeds,
  • collaborating in policy making and planning for developing cotton and oilseeds organizations,
  • providing credits (funding) for the cooperatives and paying loans to the cooperatives,
  • establishing collaboration and solidarity between the cooperatives, via participating in councils and commissions prescript in the laws of cooperative companies, providing items needed by the members such as machinery, instruments, and agricultural materials (such as seed, poisons, chemical fertilizers), and marketing for selling their products.